Brainstorming at Eaton

Hey again! Today, we had class at Griffith College for the first time and went on a site visit at Eaton, a power management company headquartered in Dublin. This site visit, however, was unique to our previous ones. During our time with Eaton, we were divided into three teams and asked to solve a mini case. Our solutions helped partially solve a financial and resource issue; we brainstormed ideas on a whiteboard with our team. After 40 minutes passed, we presented our ideas to employees at Eaton and the rest of our group. After each team pitched their idea, the employees voted my group’s pitch the best of the three. Woo!

If somebody asked me the main theme of today’s site visit to Eaton, I would say innovation. Even though this company has a history of over 100 years, they are continuously innovating their business in preparation for the future. For me personally, some skills I have that will allow me to innovate in my career are my willingness to learn, self-management, and teamwork. I love to learn new things and I never stop trying to learn information. Also, I am not afraid to be wrong and most of the time when I am wrong, I learn the topic better than if I just guessed the correct answer. Another skill that will help me innovate in the future is self-management. I hold myself accountable to get stuff done and I know when it is time to buckle down and work. The last skill I have is teamwork. One person cannot do everything or know everything. As a marketing major, I love working in teams as a cohesive unit.

A strength of mine that will help me innovate is creativity. I enjoy finding novel solutions to problems and thinking outside the box. Another strength I have is my work ethic. I am very dedicated to my work. When working on an assignment, I maintain focus and make sure my work honestly represents my ability.

Some personal characteristics I have are my desire to meet new people. This allows me to gain a diverse set of people, personalities, and opinions. I really enjoy expanding my knowledge and network. Another personal characteristic is flexibility. When I go about my day, I try not to fixate myself to a fixed schedule. I stay ready for unexpected change and love trying to solve new problems.

A skill I want to cultivate in the next 1-2 years to help me innovate is my thinking skills. I tend to reach a satisfying solution after serious thought. However, I want to be able to be better at condensing my thoughts and arriving at a solution sooner. This skill will help me as a businessman because the world is changing very very quickly.

Thank you for reading my post for Friday, May 10. I cannot wait for our group’s next adventure!



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