Change the World

Today was another great day in Dublin! We had class at Griffith college and then we visited Eaton. Eaton is a power management company that has been around for 111 years. They had about 21.6 billion dollars in sales in 2018. I was surprised to find out they also have 600 sites worldwide and they sell products to customers in 175 countries. Even as a very large, older company, they continue to innovate and ask, “what can we do change the world for the better.”

We had the privilege to meet with Ramanath Ramakrishnan, the Chief Technology Officer for Eaton. He explained innovation is key to what has made this company so successful. We were taught that you have to embrace ambiguity because the process of failing and repeating is what leads to new ideas and ultimately success. We were even put into groups and were asked to generate ideas for methods of how Artificial Intelligence could help manage finances and resources for their company to become more efficient in the future. This exercise showed how important brainstorming is. If you just write all your ideas out first and eventually you can come up with more specific directions. It’s important to not worry about the small details at first or ordering of your ideas. It’s a mess at first but this process is important. You need to be willing to fail in order to innovate.

I’ve learned at Eaton just how important innovation is at all levels. I know that I have some personal strengths that will allow me to innovate in my future career. I really enjoy reading and CTO, Ramanath Ramakrishnan explained how important it is to read and stay up to date on current events and read about philosophers and innovators. I usually read fiction but I have been getting more and more into nonfiction. I already knew how important it is to read and stay up to date on current events but now I am going to make more of an effort to read more nonfiction and make sure I continue to stay curious. I also learned that I need to be more open to failure. I am sometimes so worried that my ideas are not good enough to write down but today I realized failing is just a part of the process. This following year I want to brainstorm more and try to become less afraid to get things wrong.

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