Day 5: Monteverde

After driving past the beach and arriving in the mountainous Monteverde, we have now experienced two new sets of terrain Costa Rica has to offer. Although we only passed by the beach and didn’t get out to experience the beach’s community, from the bus I found the area to be very compatible to way communities were constructed in the hills on the way to Doka. I noticed that the houses seemed to be somewhat spread along the main road instead of clumped together like in Heredia and San Jose. While this surprised me a little bit, it didn’t really change my perception of the country. Personally, I feel like the beach would be the be the place that would personify the Pura Vida lifestyle the most meaning that the people would do things at their own pace and feel no obligation to build up the area into a city-esque configuration. I mean if the people are just beginning to build up San Jose, I am not surprised at all that the beach areas were not built up much at all.

              Monteverde, on the other hand, differs in temperature from San and Jose and Heredia, but seems to be similar to the structure of the beach towns in that the homes are spread apart. Based off Ricardo Guindon’s presentation and the layout of El Stablo, this seems to be due to the extreme angle of the terrain. The general demeanor of the people in Monteverde does not seem any different than any other place we have visited, however, so my perception of the country as a whole has no changed.

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