Day 6: Ministry of Health

Today started off with a walk to Austral University downtown campus. The building was super beautiful and reflected French architecture. Our first lecture was incredibly hard to understand because it was given in Spanish with a delayed translation. Although watching the translation happen is amazing, this make the lecture very hard to follow. Mr. William, our lecturer who previously worked for the Ministry of Health, talked about the Argentine health care system and how it compares to the United States’. More specifically, how the healthcare system is regulated throughout the country. Here in Argentina much like the United States there is a federal system. This means that the system is broken up between a national and provincial or state level. Argentina is broken up by provinces. From what I understood; these provinces are allowed to govern their own healthcare systems. Although, each is regulated by the national government. This creates a lot of fragmentation among the system. Since each province varies from one another this can create problems how much one provinces policy will be unfair compared to another’s. This can create lots of disadvantages in the system as a whole and make it harder for the national government to regulate things equally. Another disadvantage is the education required within each province. Since they are allowed to set their own requirements each province can have professionals with an unequal skill set from another.

One advantage of the system is that each province can better serve the needs of its own people. Some may have larger populations or lower income populations that require different needs in healthcare.  

Our next lecture was super interesting to hear about the history of Argentina and how the culture came to be. Unlike the United States all of the immigrants in Argentina helped to develop a mixed culture of the ones they brought with them. To such an extreme that some races the immigrated actually dissolved into the melting pot.

Finally, we ended the day with a visit to the immigration museum. This was really cool because it was at the original immigration hotel with lots of the original structures still intact. Overall, today was a dry day, but I was able to learn a lot about Argentina.

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