Korean Baseball

Today was our first culture day, which is the days in which we either visit a university or a business. We visited Hanyang University which was located about thirty minutes from our hotel and kind of on the edge of Seoul. Hanyang University is a private research institute which is one of the leading engineering and research university in Korea. The university was founded in 1939 by Dr. Kim Lyun-joon, a musician, but who really saw the importance of education for the rebuilding of Korea. It is an extremely competitive school to get in with an acceptance rate of 3.8%. As we pulled in I noticed that the campus was really pretty. It was a large campus and is home to about 24 thousand students. We were taken into a room where they told us about the university and then we got a lecture about Korea. The lectures were very interesting and gave a good insight about the university and about Korea. The Korean lecture was done in a way where the lecturer listed the top ten characteristics he believes symbolize Korea and Koreans the best and then went into the detail of them. It really allowed us to understand the Korean culture on a deeper meaning because it was from a person with Korean descent and who is currently living in Korea. What allowed Korea to rebuild itself from the disaster is has was really shown in its characteristics. Koreans are very persistent and hardworking people and there is even a phrase to describe them, “Bali Bali”, which means hurry hurry. Through this determined mindset Korea went from being one of the top five poorest countries to being top 11th GDP country in the world. After the lectures we were able to get a tour of the campus by several students. The campus was very nice and has some very modern buildings. One included a brand new automobile center that was made by Hyundai Motors. At the end of our tour we were all taking pictures of the campus and getting group pictures when all of the sudden a camera man started filming three of us. Turns out he was from the Korean government I believe and he was filming for a documentary of Korea. He was asking us questions about Korea and if we enjoyed it here. It was pretty funny and the thought that we might be on a Korean documentary is hilarious.

We were done by around 3 and had free time for the rest of the day. A big group of us went into Gangnam partly because of the song by Psy and also because we were told it was a really pretty area surrounded by very rich people. The buildings were all extremely nice and all looked brand new. We were walking around and managed to stumble upon the Olympic complexes and a baseball stadium. The lights were on and we heard cheering coming so we went to explore it. At first we had no idea it was a baseball stadium and just kept walking until we realized what it was. We made a spontaneous decision and decided to buy tickets. The tickets were only about $7 and we got pretty good seats. It was so much fun and the Korean fans are very enthusiastic about their teams. We stayed for the rest of the game and the took the subway home and everyone fell asleep as soon as we got in bed.

The university

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