Life at Life Monteverde

Today we visited a farm called Life Monteverde and it was incredible! The people there were so kind and the farm had a very wholesome atmosphere. Life Monteverde is passionate about sustainability and work hard to educate their visitors on its importance. In fact, any local farmers and students can come to the farm and learn about sustainability for free. Although daily tours bring in fast, easy money, Life Monteverde’s favorite type of visitors are the students that stay for an extended period of time. This is because the workers can take the time to teach the students in depth and these students can apply their new knowledge to their futures. In fact, Life Monteverde actually has something called a biodigestor, which is a sustainability mechanism that was engineered by visiting students. The biodigestor collects poop from the animals in a tank with sediment in the bottom, and then methane gas naturally rises to the top where is goes through tubes to be used as power throughout the farm.

In addition to the pride they take in their green company and educational practices, the farmers also love to enjoy nature. On our tour today, our guide brought us into the woods and had us close our eyes and listen to our surroundings. Afterwards, we all felt very relaxed. I think this tranquility that we experienced is a big part of why the Tico farmers work hard to keep their company sustainable and contributes to the Ticos’ peaceful and friendly nature.

One challenge that the farmers at Life Monteverde face is the expense of sustainability. Especially being a smaller business, it can be a struggle for Life Monteverde to maintain its green practices. They also cannot afford to be certified as a Fairtrade company.

The modern world definitely has an impact on Life Monteverde, but not necessarily in a bad way. For instance, with tourism as Monteverde’s number one industry, the farm has to cater to the wants and needs of the tourists. However, these tours bring in lots of extra money for the farm. A lot of this money is used to give the workers at Life Monteverde better conditions. In fact, the Nicaraguan workers at Life Monteverde do not have to pay for anything besides their food, which they get at a reduced price. The farm provides the workers with housing, healthcare, and more. Overall, despite its small size, Life Monteverde is a very progressive company and has been my favorite visit on this trip so far.

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