Naver and Taekwondo

On Thursday, we started our day of by visiting Naver. For anyone who has not herd of Naver before, they are the Korean version of google. Many people in South Korea choose to use Naver instead of google because there are many features that help specifically for Koreans. It is easier to find the top places for different categories on Naver which is helpful in South Korea. Never also has a ton of cool features. Some of them include their youtube like section where celebrities can post videos, their language translation section, site that has the ability to pick out words from a picture, following certain people in a video, getting rid of background noise in a video, and only having one person talk at a time in a video.

After learning about all the cool features of Naver, we got a tour of their office and it was very interesting. They have a public library and a cafe where they provide jobs for people with special needs. They have their own post office, doctors, and plenty of exercise/health places in the office. There is also a cafeteria where employees can get not to expensive meals. It was a great experience being able to see Naver and one of my favorite company visits so far.

Outside of Naver

In the afternoon, we had free time; however, some of us, including me, signed up for a taekwondo lesson. The lesson was very fun and we got to learn some of the basics of taekwondo. We learned that tae is lower body ability, kwon is upper body ability, and do is knowing when to use your abilities and having the discipline needed in taekwondo. We worked on punches and an up and down kick and it was cool to learn the techniques. In the end we got to break a board in half, and I think we all especially enjoyed that. Overall, Thursday was a great day and I am excited for my final day in Seoul.

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