Operation: Naver (May 9)

Today was a very relaxing day. The only thing on our agenda was a company visit to Naver. Naver is a company very similar to that of Google. They work with search engines and other innovation in technology. They have designed programs that can mute all voices in a video except for one and another that can focus on one specific person in a video. We go to tour the office, which again is very similar to that of Googles campus. Lots of free services, such as a gym, restaurant, and medic care center. The company was very young, and everyone there was no older that 35.

              After that, me and some friends wandered the streets in search of lunch. We ended up buying street food, which was a great idea. I had a beef stir fry, or a bulgogi, and a fried squid kabob. The food was amazing and was less that three United States dollars. We then went back to the hotel and did some housekeeping for a while. Mainly laundry and writing this blog.

              Later for dinner, we found a Korean chicken restaurant. It was the best fried chicken I ever had. It was topped with a chili sauce, which is used in almost every Korean meal. It worked surprisingly well. After the chicken, we spent some time shopping in an area close to our hotel called Insadong. I ended up buying some shirts for myself, and a few gifts for friends and family that I will not disclose, since they are probably reading this blog. Overall, a very relaxing day in Seoul.

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