Yes, that is Leather from a Stingray

Today kicked off with a company visit to Lineappelle which is a leather consortium. In the beginning we were given a lecture that highlighted Italy’s role in the global demand for leather. We learned the automotive industry is demanding more leather than ever before and consumer goods is demanding less. This affects the different type of leather that is being produced and we learned there is tons of different types of leather. Before I visited Lineappelle, I thought leather almost entirely came from cows and sheep, but I learned today that was far from the truth. In fact, our tour guide showed us leather from animals such as kangaroo, shark, frog, and snake. We felt samples of what seemed like hundreds of different types leather that were from different animals or had different dyes/treatments. Some types felt very soft and I could image them being used for seats in a car or as a leather jacket. Other types were very hard and rough. For example, I did not like any of the snake leathers because they were rough and had scales on them which sent shivers up my arm whenever I stroked the sample against the grain. The only possible application for the snake leather that I can see being successful is for a handbag or purse. After we felt all of the different types of samples, we headed to our next event for the day.

On our way to our next company visit, we ran into a festival which was selling Bavarian style food. I felt relieved to see this because so far in Italy all I have eaten is carbs. Not that I don’t love all the pasta and pizza so far, but it gets boring to eat the same thing all the time. That is why I ate a sausage with onions, sauerkraut, and mustard all on a hard roll. It was absolutely delicious.

Next for the day we visited a fashion library which stores approximately 70,000-75,000 fashion magazines. The oldest magazine I could find was from 1980 and the newest magazine was from this year. As I examined this wide range of magazines, I noticed that all of the fashion was about 7-12 years ahead of its time. For example, I thumbed through a magazine from 2007 and I noticed the models wore stuff that normal people wear regularly today. I can’t help but wonder if some of the ridiculous things models wear today will be in my closet in the future.

To finish off the day we were given a lecture by a representative from Velasca. Velasca is a relatively new Italian men’s shoe company and our lecture was on their business plan and how they advertised in today’s digital world. I really liked the lecture because the representative gave us specific examples of how she marketed the new product and how she overcame certain challenges. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an entrepreneurial or marketing mind.

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