Art You Glad We Went to Soho

Today we got the opportunity to see some of the beautiful art around Buenos Aires. Our day started off with a walking tour of Palermo Soho, a part of Bueno Aires that is very trendy and lively. On the walking tour we saw a great deal of street art and graffiti that brightened the area. We also were able to check out MALBA which is the museum of Latin American art located in Buenos Aires.

A piece from today that I found the most striking was called “Pan y Trabajo” which means bread and work by Antonio Berni. This mural demonstrates a time of hunger and poverty in Argentina. The mural captured the faces of many people in a crowd protesting for food and work. The mural put extreme detail into each person’s face allowing one to study and interpret their emotions at this time. Some looked worried or nervous, while others looked angry. This realist style of art was also why I chose it because this actually happened in Argentina during Berni’s life. This piece allows people to view the emotions of those in the crowd and feel like they are a part of it. It can transform how one may have interpreted this matter of history now that they get a representation of how it may have felt. For me I felt like I was right there with that entire crowd looking at me. I also enjoyed the piece because maybe if people see the looks on the faces of those in the crowd they will do more to help fight poverty and hunger. People will especially feel the many emotions of those in the crowed when they look into each individual’s eyes. Having the opportunity to see each person as an individual in this crowd allowed me to think of their story, why they’re there and how they’re feeling. I thought this piece to be the most striking one I saw today because it was so real and there was a story behind it. I think that Berni’s goal was to give others who were not there to feel the way those in the crowd felt. He does a great job of doing this with the intricate detail depicted on the faces of those in the crowd and how they are all looking back at the viewer, inspiring them to help.

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