Busy Busy, Bali Bali

During Wednesday morning’s visit at Samsung biologics, I felt more in my element as the only bioengineer on this trip. Biologics are drugs produced by living organisms, and this company works on isolating and purifying those drugs for pharmaceutical use. This process that they go through of of growing the organisms, extracting the drug protein, and isolating and purifying it is exactly the same as the research I conducted last semester (except on a much larger and efficient scale). While touring the company, I became very excited as this relates to what I want to do in my career. They also have a summer internship open to international students that I will be sure to look into for next summer.

We then made a cultural visit to Seoul City Hall where we took a tour. There are actually two city hall buildings; one was built during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1925 and the other more modern and current city hall in 2012. The old city hall was set to be torn down and rebuilt because it did not represent the Korean people, but it was then recognized as a historical landmark; the new city hall had to be planned around the old city hall, and the old building was converted into a museum.

Model of both the old (front) and new (back) city halls

Our second company visit to Seoul Global Startup Center was interesting but not quite in my area of expertise. They help new businesses, especially non-Korean ones, get the resources they need to grow and become successful. It is a nonprofit and funded by the city and housed all kinds of businesses to which we were introduced. This company visit seemed more for the business students than the engineering students.

From 7am-6pm we were busy, so naturally we went back out during our free time. Our destination this time was the Seoul Tower. We took the subway and a bus ride up a steep hill, and from there we walked up yet another steep hill. Although we did not go all the way up to the tower (we are starting to get stingy with our won), the view was still amazing; Seoul is so large that it is impossible to get all of it in a single picture even from high elevations.

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