Day 7: Palermo and MALBA

Today was full of art and more Argentinian culture, as we had a full non-academic day for the first day of the weekend. We started off in the Palermo neighborhood looking at street art and murals painted all over the buildings, which was super cool to see. There was so much variation from mural to mural, showcasing each artist’s unique style and talents. There was also a giant park in the center of Palermo SoHo that had more dogs than I could count playing around on this beautiful day. Surrounding the park were street vendors selling fresh produce, crafts, clothing, and many other unique trinkets. Next, we had lunch at a restaurant in Palermo before heading to the MALBA for our last stop of the day.

I am not the biggest art person…I can appreciate how talented famous artists are and I do like looking at art, but I often do not understand the “deeper meaning” behind more contemporary, abstract types of art that seem to just be a sphere painted gold and nothing more. However, at the MALBA, there was one piece of art that I could understand because I learned about it just yesterday during our history lecture at Austral.

The iconic image of Che Guevara was on display in the MALBA, which looked familiar to me but I never really knew who he was or what he did until coming to Argentina. Che Guevara was an anti-capitalist who helped Fidel Castro overthrow the Cuban government. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, and adopted a Marxist view as a guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist. Even though he may be seen in a negative view by some due to his socialist ideals, he is still an important figure in Argentina because he was so significant in the world. Seeing this picture of Che was really cool, because I had never seen the real picture, only online images of the picture. Knowing that I am learning a lot about Argentina’s history and culture through all of the activities I am participating in here in Buenos Aires makes me happy because I love learning about other countries, especially ones that I know next to nothing about, which was the case for me with Argentina.

Tomorrow we are taking a day trip to Estancia, which is a ranch with “Argentinian cowboys”: Gauchos! Check back tomorrow to hear about it.

*Picture shows the image of Che Guevara in the MALBA

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