DMZ and Han River Cruise

On Friday, we started our day of by getting to visit the famous DMZ. The DMZ divides Korea into North and South Korea and was agreed on in 1953. While we were there, we got to see a ton of interesting pieces of Korean history. We got to enter the 3rd found tunnel. The tunnel was a plan of North Korea to invade Seoul by going underground and these tunnels were discovered by South Korea. The tunnel is on a huge incline, and at the end, the ceiling is very low and I had to duck as I was walking. We also got to go up from different places and look at North Korea in the distance which was very cool and the first time I ever saw two different countries at once, and even cooler since it was two countries who are constantly at war. We got to learn a ton about the history of the war and that was very fascinating. The JSA is where you can see both North Korean and South Korean soldiers; however, it was currently closed so we were not able to see that.

North Korea in the distance
Model of DMZ

Later in the day, we went on the Han River Cruise. The cruise was intriguing because we got to see the city of Seoul from a different point of view. It was relaxing on the boat and I enjoyed getting to do that. After the cruise we played a little game. Instead of taking the bus back as a group, in four teams, we had to get back to the hotel by ourselves without using the internet or a taxi and the first group back would get a free dinner at a Korean barbecue. The adventure back was exhilarating because of the competition. My group took a while to find a subway station, but we eventual did and easily got back to the hotel. We ended up coming in third place, but it was still very fun. We all still ended up going to the Korean barbecue place and the food was excellent there. I had a great time in Seoul, and am excited for the rest of the trip.

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