Today we visited our CAPA University for a class recapping and going into greater details the events of our current trip. Great experience seeing how the University in Dublin is arranged as compared to Pittsburgh. The student population of the University is roughly .5% of the size of the University of Pittsburgh. Allowing for a far greater personal level of teaching. Going further into this thought, our study abroad class size is . 06% the size of our University, giving this study abroad experience an amazing personal feeling.

Later, we visited THE Global Headquarters of Eaton. A roughly 22 billion in revenue organization that has exited for 110+ years. Their headquarters is also Zero landfill waste as of 2017, showing a trend in waste management like the sports stadium we saw earlier in the trip.

Eaton’s primary focus of business is power management. Which according to the CTO goes into 3 areas, Fluid, Mechanical, and Electrical. We had the amazing opportunity of visiting specifically the think tank / innovation group of the HQ. We also got to have a speaking session with the CTO, Ramanath I. Ramakrishnan, who has worked in the company for roughly a decade and consults PhD’s who write books on innovation such as the author of the book “The Wide Lense”.

More specifically, the group we visited was the CIP. The Center for Intelligent Power. The group utilized us to design a POC (Proof of Concept) around using AI to improve the finances and resources of a company such as Eaton (we tailored ours around Eaton).

Our solution was to combine AI with Cash Flow optimization, Investment automation, and Supply Chain Management for the Core innovations of the company. Then expand to Intermediate innovation, to improve the power management of partners by collecting and analyzing data with AI by hiring a partner to collect such data for Eaton.

Fortunately, we were able to give a compelling enough POC based on the fundamentals of innovation (Needs, Un-orthodox, Current Trends, and Using Current Resources). That was able to win over the judges for first place! Also, I had the awesome opportunity to present our idea in front of the judges on behalf of our team and help implement ideation methods that encourage all members of the team to participate in ideation.

Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to work with Eaton’s Innovation department in the future as I feel I can bring much ideation experience to the company. Having worked with the Head of Innovation for Ingram Micro ($50 billion in revenue this year) and Citi Hong Kong ($72 billion in revenue), both 2-3x as large as Eaton in revenue.

Personally, I feel my strength for innovation is creativity and having an open/adaptable mind. The single most hindrance to innovation is comformity, and comfort. Companies prefer to hire those who have not been brainwashed by the industry and are able to come with fresh ideas and a outside the box mindset.

Additionally, I believe I have the fast mover mentality that innovation departments thrive on. New ideas are spouted out, thrown away, and analyzed daily, with ideation events like the one we attended occurring daily in the department and across the organization by such innovation groups.

Over the next 1-2 years, I desire to keep my mind from comforming or becoming familiar with the way that things are done. I want to maintain a creative mindset. Also, skills are crucial to an innovator and understanding trends/failures as well. I hope to grow in these areas to become a better innovator.

I also hope to grow my reading and online learning to do so. Daily I read a couple chapters of a few books to gain such knowledge and a diverse mindset. Additionally I surround myself with creative people who are international, exchange students, and often in creative groups like Improv, Kpop, Dance, and Dungeons/Dragons. These people are able to think creatively and better ideate.

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