Google? NAVER heard of it: May 9th Site Visit.

Truly thankful for the later wakeup call today and the extra needed sleep. The itinerary for today is to visit NAVER, also known as the Google of Korea. Their headquarters were located around an hour away from our hotel. When we arrived, we were all greeted by an all-glass building which utilized green energy for a majority of its uses. The presentation for NAVER included information about the technology they are developing and intend to use to integrate into their search engine. Technologies that NAVER was developing included noise cancelation for focusing on a single person talking, an adaptive translating service, and a smart camera to follow people during any video. After the presentation, we took the tour of the NAVER headquarters. NAVER stressed using green energy and other intelligent systems to lower their costs and lower their environmental footprint. One of my favorite aspects of NAVER is that they develop their services to be tailored to those who have mental or physical disabilities. Taking this into consideration shows that NAVER truly cares about its users and how they can impact their community.

Once we left NAVER, I immediately fell asleep in one of the seats for at least one hour. This was a needed time for sleep. When we arrived at the hotel, we had a significant amount of free time. I took this time to do some laundry and nap. The laundry was a major lifesaver and gave me most of my clothes back for the rest of the trip.

Following the nap, we went to another shopping area which sold a variety of fake clothing. I made sure to buy some stuff for my family. My favorite purchase was a Tom and Jerry crew neck shirt. Other than shopping we also had some of the street food. The food we ate was a sweet chicken and crepes. Street food in Seoul never fails, and with a full stomach, we left the market and went back to the hotel.

Later that night, we decided to go to the Seoul Tower. The trip to the tower was simple to navigate and used both a bus and the subway system. In total, the trip took around 45 minutes to complete, and the view was worth the wait. When we looked across the city of Seoul, we were able to see the cities and all the surrounding cities. I could only compare this view to the overlooking view of Los Angeles. Finally, exhausted and tired, we all agreed to go back to the hotel, get some ice cream, and go to bed.

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