Life at Life Monteverde

Tico farmers are very hard-working passionate people. The people at Life Monteverde were very invested in their farm and wanted to produce quality coffee in a very sustainable way. There whole philosophy on life is being able to help the world and be able to teach the next generation how to make a living but do it in a sustainable manner. They also really love what they do, so their work makes them happy and they love to share what they know. Their main focus in life is the farm, growing the coffee along with other vegetables and taking care of their animals. However, their work also includes educating other farmers and students on how to live and work with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. They are very invested in teaching their community and also college students from both domestic and foreign schools. They live a very healthy and happy life.

One of the larger challenges they have to deal with, is fertilizer. They would prefer not to use fertilizer, as it is not very good for the environment and they want to grow the most organic coffee possible. However, for the coffee to get enough nutrient and grow well, some fertilizer must be added. They make their own natural fertilizer and have worked very hard find the perfect mix of ingredients to help the plants grow, but it is very inefficient. The fertilizer takes a long time to make and the amount they are able to make, does not cover a lot of their land. This means that they use it as much as possible but also use the “regular” fertilizer. Don Guillermo, one of the founders of the farm, and his workers do not like that they have to do this, but it is something they must do to make money off of their coffee.

They are generally very happy people, but something very important to them is being around other happy people. They work in an environment where they think happy people, make for better harvest of the coffee and living in general. They also really like to be able to help other people. They enjoy having the ability to make a positive impact on their community and the world. It brings them joy to be able to share all that they have worked to develop in hopes that younger generations will carry on in their sustainably living and farming and be able to grow upon it.

Among the younger generation farming is not as popular and many people do not want to do it. This has a large affect on the number of workers the farm has and is why a lot of the people they hire during the picking season are Nicaraguan. The Nicaraguans come down to harvest the coffee cherries, ad make up a large part of the staff during that time period. As most Ticos prefer another career, one that may make them a little more money like working at or owning a business, the Nicaraguans are necessary for all of the coffee cherries to be picked.

The farm has been able to use more of their resources today due to technological innovations. One example of this is the use of pig manure to that naturally releases methane gas. This gas is produced by having the pig manure fed through pipes, which are connect to a large almost bag like contraption, that has the manure and microorganism in it that helps the methane generate. The methane gas is then collected and is burned in the kitchen and used other places as an energy source. This innovation has allowed them to be very sustainable and use more of their natural waste for usefully things. They are being very conscious to use as much of their waste as they can, and use it in a usefully way.

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