NYC but in Buenos Aires

Today we walked around Palermo Soho, where we got to look at really cool street art, shop around and eat a delicious meal. When we talked to an Argentinian couple in the airport before we left, the lady recommended this neighborhood to us and said that it was a really cute place to be. After a nice lunch, we visited the Malba Modern Art Musuem that showcases many different artists. The third floor of the museum has a photography section where one of the images caught my attention because of its interesting framing. The image is of a man looking into a bowl made of steel-like material that is reflecting the photographer who is standing across from the room. I really liked this image because it took me a while to understand how the picture was taken as you can even see the man who is about to pick up the bowl and his hand reaching for the bowl; however, I was only able to figure out that it was a bowl from seeing another image in the collection and was previously under the impression that it was some sort of steel or image-reflecting, sphere-shaped object. I first started paying attention to photography when I took a photography class in highschool. I had not originally signed up for it as I usually took painting classes, but since it did not fit with my schedule I decided to take the photography one and actually really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about how creative you can be with photography as there are so many different outlets to frame a photo; there are so many different techniques, angles and lighting that can help create interest in a photo and I thought this one did a really good job of that. It immediately caught my interest, but it also became more complex as I continued to look at it. The picture is in all black and white, which makes it slightly more difficult to understand the different shapes, such as what the man is trying to pick up. I also really enjoyed how you can see both of their expressions, clearly excited about what they are doing. Overall, I enjoyed the museum, but this image stuck out to me the most as I spent the most time on this one than any other.

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