Oppa Gangnam Style

As a University Program, it only made sense that we would visit a University in time. Today we went to Hanyang University in Seoul, one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. The “Engine of Korea” is a globally acknowledged school, admired for the successful graduates it produces. It’s no surprise though, since we were informed that you must be in the top .1% of high school students to make it through the government restricted admission process. I thought it was interesting that even as a private school, the government can have such wide control of different aspects of the University. Our campus guide made a remark I enjoyed, saying the governemnt provides “3% funding, 97% regulation.” As for the campus itself, I was a great fan of the open feeling of the hill-side campus, and its mix of modern and traditional architecture. My favorite place at the university was the concrete ampitheter embedded on a hill and hidden by the surrounded buildings. The theater was beautiful, featuring concrete design and each walking row consisting of real grass. It was a lovely day outside and some students were just eating lunch or studying in the theater seats.

After the University visit, I went to the Hongdae district with a few others where we began wandering the shops. Eventually, we accidentally wandered into the center of Hongik University, where we watched a few different soccer teams warm up on the fields. A little more wandering and we were at a dog cafe, housing an enormous furry feind that was quite the creature. I don’t know dogs but it looked like a greyhound but with fur, and it’s head stood at least 4 feet off the ground.

Once we got our fair scare in from the dog cafe, we met up with some others for dinner, where we all tried some octopus. I was initially fairly hesitant, but after trying one I actually enjoyed it. I can’t say I would go out of my way to eat more, but should it be presented in front of me I think I would eat it again.

Our dinner groups combined to be around 12 people as we headed to a karaoke lounge and rented out a room on the top floor. We had an hour on the clock, and I would definitely say we made the best of it. Slamming through both old and new classics like Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, and the Killers, it finally came to the last 5 minutes. And of course you can guess what song we ended with because, well, ‘when in Rome.’ PSY’s Oppa Gangnam Style blasted through the room as we all attempted to follow the linereader and dance along. The only addition I could imagine, is if we were actually in Gangnam.

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