Palermo Soho and Malba

It’s finally the weekend and today we got to explore the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo and the Soho area. There was a nice market where tables were set up all around with individual venders selling mostly handmade products. In addition to this there were cute stores and restaurants all around which is quite dangerous for my wallet. Today also had nice and sunny weather so it was fun to take pictures with each other that will remind us about the good memories when we look back at this trip. The desert ordered at lunch was awesome. The whole table ordered a banana split and the dessert here has yet to disappoint!

After lunch we went to the Malba Art Museum which is a contemporary Art Museum in Buenos Aires. I like contemporary art so it was fun to get to see what they have in this museum compared to a museum like the mattress factory in Pittsburgh. My favorite piece was a sort of three-dimensional art where there was many different items coming out of the photo. Unfortunately I don’t remember the title and artist, but it looked as if the man was asleep in a junk yard sitting upright. He was wearing a jean jacket that actually was real denim that you would be able to touch if the museum had allowed it. Although I’m not exactly sure what the deeper meaning of it is if there was one, I did think that the attention and detail it took to complete the art was impressive. It was possibly alluding to people who are living in poverty and are surrounded by junk, but they are still real people who need real clothes and real items so that they can try and sustain themselves. Especially compared to some other pieces in the museum, I think this one stood out. For a few items I was a bit surprised that they were being displayed but maybe I just didn’t understand or relate to the complexity of them.

Overall I had a really fun time at the museum and would definitely recommend it to people. Today made me excited for the rest of our cultural days to come. I’m really looking forward to continuing to see all of the beautiful spots in Buenos Aires and continuing to understand their culture. For dinner we went to a restaurant that had Tex-mex nachos, so being a native Texan myself and being tired of breaded foods of course that’s what I ordered! However, it was extremely different than anything I’ve ever tasted and I learned that they most definitely have a different interpretation of Tex-mex! Tomorrow I’ll have to try something a bit more Argentine.

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