Touring the top of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher by the Atlantic sea is shown in the image.

As soon as you speak in Ireland, people know you are not Irish. Sometimes even your style will give it away! Ireland is full of history, culture, and plenty of places to eat. Today, we ended up visiting Galway (yes the Ed Sheeran song) and the Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs were very tall and magnificent and better yet, a perfect day to see them. It was finally sunny in Ireland! The thing about the cliffs are, that there is no safety nets that are destructing natures beauty, but it also means be careful because it is fatal. After that, we traveled over to the village of Galway. It is a quaint fishing area with really neat and beautiful shops, thriving off tourism and very tasty fish and chips!

The blog today is about the government’s involvement in tourism and what they are doing as a project currently is marketing the area of the HBO show Game of Thrones. Yes it takes place closer to Northern Ireland, but both the North and South and HBO are collaborating to create advertisements and art projects as well to show off the features of Ireland in relation to this hit show. The organization is responsible for increasing and keeping tourism alive in Ireland. Tourism equates up to 8.5bn Euro in revenue!

How this relates to what I did today is that I saw what this revenue generates at tour spots. Such as massive guest centers and well kept cities. I would highly reccomend visiting Ireland and touring as much as one can. It is a very welcoming city where the Irish people are interested in learning from you as much as you are from them! The Tourism Ireland organization helps sustain jobs and push the appeal of Ireland as a business and holiday getaway. With 10% of jobs in Ireland revolving around tourism, the organization is necessary to grow and sustain Ireland’s economy, and they are currently working on showing how big this potential is for Northern Ireland as well. Being a business student and seeing Ireland, I highly recommend anyone coming here for a get away and learning experience!

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