In one week from today, I will be back at home, recovering from my first study abroad experience. It has been a crazy, slightly stressful, exhausting week so far, and the next will be no different. However, it has also been one of the best weeks of my life. This is my first study abroad, and basically my first international trip, and I couldn’t have picked a better one to go on.

Today we went to a ranch in the Pampas region of Argentina. There we feasted on empanadas for breakfast, asado for lunch, and mate with pastries for a snack before we left. Between all the meals, we toured the ranch and saw a bunch of animals, watched a performance in which all the culturally important dances of Argentina were put on display, and then viewed a gaucho skills demonstration. The land and buildings were so beautiful, and the staff did an amazing job at making everyone feel welcome and able to enjoy the performances. In addition, it was a look into the Argentinian culture, past and present, and it was such a unique way to do so.

This week we have visited 3 hospitals and a hospice, 1 pharmaceutical company, sat through 7 lectures, toured a handful of neighborhoods, walked through 2 museums and spent a day at a ranch. Then we all have been to different restaurants, coffee shops, gifts stores and grocery stores, and lugged around 6 liter bottles of water. To say this week have been busy and exhausting would be an understatement. But the wealth of knowledge and experience we’ve gained is incredible. The amount of culture in Buenos Aires that we have been able to absorb through our site seeing is equally as incredible. This program has been expertly designed to provide us with the best of those two worlds, and making the best of the time we have in this country. And probably the best thing about the trip isn’t listed on the itinerary. It’s the fact that everyone has become such good friends. It’s hard to tell who knew or didn’t know each other before a few months ago, because we act like we’ve been friends forever. It’s been a really pleasant addition to this trip.

An entire week is officially in the books! Time to get some rest, and visit the islands tomorrow!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom! She has always been my rock, and biggest supporter, even if it meant sending me to another continent just days after I was home from school! See you in 7 days <3

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