Terra Cotta Warriors Plus Exploring the City Wall

Day seven was a day full of new adventures. Our day started with traveling to the Terra Cotta Warriors. There is a total of 8,000 Terra Cotta Warriors. Of the total you are only able to see about 2,000 of the warriors, while the other 6,000 are still buried. The words Terra Cotta means pottery statues of warriors. It was about an hour drive to leave the city and enter into the country side where the museum was located. The museum was broken into four buildings. The first building we went into was like a real museum. It had artifacts and different types of warriors they have found so far. It was a real challenge to understand what the artifacts were due to the signs only being in Chinese. After exploring the first building we then moved into the second building which was actually called Pit 2. Pit 2 was shaped as an L and was the middle size compared to the other two pits. This pit only had pieces of warriors and not much was dug out already. Next, we moved to Pit 3. This pit was the smallest and also only had pieces of warriors. Pit 3 is U-shaped. Finally, we moved to the most famous pit, Pit 1. 

Pit 1 is the largest and is the most impressive pit. This pit contained rows and rows of complete warriors. In this pit you can see about 1,500 warriors. There were different types of warriors and also horses in the pit. After visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors, we went to lunch. Lunch was a different style from what we have been enjoying. Lunch today was a buffet, but with traditional Chinese food. I really enjoyed the Chinese burger and the traditional ramen noodles today. 

After lunch, we made our way to the city wall to bike ride around. Due to the sand storm that arrived earlier this morning the air quality was not the best. We were given face masks to wear during the bike ride. The dust travels about 500 miles from the desert. Once we got to the city wall it was about 9 miles to make a full loop. It was really neat to be up on the city wall and looking out over it to the whole city. I wish the weather was a little better to see the different buildings, but it was still really cool. The wind also was a challenge for us to battle while we were riding. Depending on the direction we were traveling it was either in our favor or not. Once we all made it around the city wall we drove back to the hotel on the bus. 

We all needed a break from the outdoors, so we all decided to eat dinner in the hotel restaurant. Dr. Li ordered a variety of local dishes for all of us to share. All of the different dishes were very tasty. I enjoyed the soup with different kinds of meatballs in it. After dinner we went back to our rooms to pack up and get ready to travel to our next destination tomorrow, Shanghai!

Biking on the City Wall
Pit 1

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  1. Pap says:

    Hi Di, Thanks for the interesting writeup on the Terra Cotta warriors. When you get home, I would like to discuss their history with you. Have a good time in Shanghai !

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