Day 2: Still learning how to say Danke…

May 6th, 2019

First time having breakfast in the hotel, even though I am not much of a breakfast person, the food was very good. Different than what we get in America, only one waffle maker, no pancakes or syrup in sight, hardboiled eggs, cheese, meat, and croissants. After breakfast we went to the University of Augsburg, to meet with the German students in our company group. The campus was very pretty and had a very pleasing neutral color scheme. There was ivy on the building that added a beautiful touch of color. We walked only a little around campus at first, but being that is was, early in the morning it was pretty empty.

We met with the entire class of German students and all of the program directors. After a quick introduction of all the students, and then grouped up with the students working in our specific company group and started working on the preliminary presentation. It was nice be able to work on the presentation but also to get to know each other. We researched Audi, talked about the background information on Audi, their future plans, and their markets as of today. Everyone presented, and everyone did well, it was nice to get to know the general knowledge of every company before going on the visits. 

 After the presentations we went to their dining hall, called the Mensa. The food was amazing, I had the chicken with lemon sauce, an orange, and a bread roll. Much better than Market Central. There was natural lighting, many different options for lunch, and so many tables you could always find a seat. The trays were nice and large, something that I have noticed all around Germany. Lunch was nice to be able to sit down and talk with every American and German student, all at one table. The coolest part about the entire dining hall was the way trays were put away after lunch was finished. The trays were put on a rubber conveyer belt to then be sent up and back to where they were going to be cleaned. It was a very different atmosphere from Market Central and cafeterias in America. In Germany, it does not matter if there is someone at the table, if there is an open seat someone will sit there. It was interesting to see how they interact with other students that they do not know, compared to how we interact with students at Pitt that we do not know. 

After lunch was finished we went outside to meet the master students to get the University of Augsburg campus tour. They showed us their lecture halls and buildings that they have class in, the main buildings for the business students, and the center places for all of the students at University of Augsburg. The students told us their average lecture ranges from 400 to 700 students in total. I was hoping to see what those lecture halls possible looked like, but they were all in use when we were on the tour. Their buildings had a lot of glass and natural light, I felt as if it was comfortable place to learn and work. 

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Next was the Augsburg city scavenger hunt. We split up into teams with two German master students that helped us with finding popular landmarks all around the city. Starting with places near the University of Augsburg campus and finishing at Riegele WirtsHaus for a NON ALCOHOLIC beer tasting. Next was dinner at Dragone, a traditional Italian restaurant. I have loved the traditional German food but getting to try traditional Italian food so close to Italy was an amazing experience. 

I wanted to order the Margareta pizza with pepperonis however, I ended up ordering the Margareta pizza with peppers. I was too confident in my German and thought I could understand the menu, lesson learned, always ask before assuming. Once the food came everyone who ordered a pizza right away noticed that there were no slices cut. We had to eat it with a fork and a knife, cutting into little pieces. It was interesting, to say the least. I got in a good arm workout while trying to eat, something that does not happen too often. It opened my eyes to how the German eating culture differs from America’s. They are more aware of how much food is wasted at the end and they eat fewer meals with their hands.

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