Day 4: The Continental Robots of Regensburg

The day started off with another trip to the hotel breakfast for some delicious bread and jam with some fresh brewed coffee. The entire group then took a two hour bus to Regensburg which I slept a lot of the way through. We eventually got to the city and we started our day there with a walking tour.

The St. Peter Dom in Regensburg

The tour was really interesting. Regensburg was once one of the largest cities in the Holy Roman Empire during the medieval ages. We learned a lot about the history of the town, and talked a lot about how the wealthy showed their power by building large towers on their houses and some of them still stand to this day. On the tour, we were walking past an art gallery and say some hilarious renderings of Trump. The tour guide was also making underhanded comments about him, referencing how him and some ancient European nobles would marry young women and such. I thought it was hilarious how much the Germans don’t like him, and I completely agree with them.

The Trump Art

After the tour of the city, we had our second company visit, Continental. They are primarily a tire manufacturer, but we saw the more electronic side of their company on the tour. My friend Jeff and I were completely blown away by what we saw. Like at Hirschvogel, I couldn’t take pictures inside but I will say that I have never seen an electronics factory before and I was so impressed. The company had small robots that would autonomously transport components around the lab. This was by far my favorite part of the tour. During the tour of the factory itself, we all had to wear grounding shoes and thin white robes to keep the electronics safe. Before being allowed to enter, we had to pass an electrical test to make sure we were completely grounded. It was a great experience to see the science I learned in Physics 2 in the real world.

After the Continental tour, we returned to Regensburg where we would have dinner. We had an hour or so for ourselves before dinner, so a group of us went to get coffee. Freddie and I ended up talking about travel and our countries again and it was a great conversation. He convinced me to try to travel abroad for a whole semester in the future, and I would really like to. We also talked a lot about how college is structured in Germany versus the U.S. I can’t believe the students in the U.S pay so much money for school compared to the German students. After talking to him, I’m frustrated with how the U.S runs its public colleges. German college is so much cheaper and doesn’t force their students to take unrelated electives to their major like U.S colleges do so their programs seem more efficient and direct.

After that really good conversation, we both went to dinner with everyone else. I had some schnitzel for the first time and it was delicious. For those unfamiliar it is basically friend pork but it is phenomenal. The schnitzel I had was served with potato balls and grilled onions which were also really good, especially with the gravy. It was a great meal. So far on this trip, I have yet to be disappointed by the German food. It is always so good and well prepared while at a reasonable price. After dinner, we drove back to Augsburg to get some rest for the next day.

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