Day 7: Making our way downtown

May 11th, 2019

GOOOOOODDDDDD MORNINGGGG AUGSSBURRGGGG! Guess what we did first thing in the morning? Breakfast at Ibis, if you couldn’t guess. Chocolate croissant, eggs, bacon, and a latte, my new morning routine. Today was our day in Munich, I was very excited. I love Augsburg, but I wanted to see another part of Germany. We finish our meal and head out to the train station. We had to speed walk because we were running a little late, but we made it to the train on time and eventually made it Munich.

Walking through the city I could see the similarities between Augsburg and Munich, but it was much, much bigger. It felt like a big city in America, lots of people, shopping, food, and groups taking tours. We stopped in front of City Hall to start our tour. Our guide was very kind and made sure that everyone could hear and see. Carrying a blue umbrella, she was also easy to follow. Walking around the center of town at first, we then made our way over to the farmers market. They were selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. There was a stand just for asparagus, as I learned on the first night, this is the season for asparagus. White asparagus is something I have never seen before, but I am now seeing it everywhere! When we passed the stand Dr. Fieck informed us on how you would buy a bundle if you wanted some. First, you pick how much you want, the seller weighs it, and then he proceeds to peel them. Yes! You have to peel white asparagus because the outer part is hard to eat and will get stuck in your teeth. That’s what I have heard at least.

We saw the rest of the market and then we saw the Hofbräuhaus, a giant restaurant that sells traditional Bavarian food to hundreds of people that are sitting and eating. This is where we saw our first bachelor party group. We unintentionally learned that Munich is a popular place for bachelor parties. 

We walked around the rest of the city and eventually making a big loop back to City Hall. This is where we split up for lunch, there were two groups of the students that went to lunch. Funny enough, nobody talked and we ended up all going to the same place to eat, the Hofbräuhaus. All 20 of us, and two German students, Ana and Maxi sat together for lunch. Ordering and paying at the end was hard but everything else about dinner was great. Me and Lauren split a chicken and potatoes dish, and a pretzel. 

After lunch we decided 21 students all going to the same place at the same time would be a little too hard. Me, Lauren, James, Nick, Brett, and Maxi went to the river together to watch the surfers. I later learned it is called the Eisbachwelle and it is pretty popular in the surfing community. Next, we headed back to the center of town, and we passed by what seemed to be a parade with lots of people dressed in traditional Bavarian army costumes. We headed to the Saint Peter’s Church to climb 14 floors all the way to the top to see the entire view of Munich. It was breath taking, not only because it was high up, but also because the view was so pretty. We checked the time and it was almost when we were supposed to meet for dinner. 

We walked down, quickly bought a souvenir and headed to Hans Im Glueck Isarpost for burgers and fries. Great meal with great friends. 

That’s all for today blog, until tomorrow!


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