Day 8: Estancia Don Silvano

Plus3 Argentina is exactly what I wanted in a study abroad experience as a Pitt student who just completed their freshman year. It is a great way to “get your feet wet” in terms of studying abroad…I knew I wanted to go abroad in college but the thought of spending 5-6 weeks during the summer traveling in a foreign country alone (without my family) was a bit intimidating. Especially as a nursing student who can only really study abroad during the summer, this was a perfect choice for me. I now know more about what studying abroad is like, and I can safely say I want to do it again in the future.

Today we visited a ranch and learned about the Gauchos of Argentina, who were of mixed race between natives and European immigrants. The ranch we visited is called Don Silvano, and it is now a hotel with activities for people to enjoy whether they are staying at the hotel or not. When we arrived, we were greeted with some of the best empanadas I have had on this trip. After going back for my third round, we got a tour around the property and took a ride on a cart pulled by horses. At 1pm, we gathered in a giant dining room with all of the other people visiting the ranch for a meal full of amazing cuisine and lots of singing and dancing. Songs and dances from every region of Argentina, as well as each country represented by the groups of visitors, were played with much enthusiasm and joy. After the meal concluded, we watched traditional Gaucho horse games that were played on the field, both for fun and for honor. There was also a gift shop that had genuine Argentinian leather and clothing for sale. I would insert a picture of what I got, but my mom reads my blog 😉

Speaking of my mom, today is Mother’s Day, and while I cannot be with my mom today, I want her to know how special and important she is to me. My mom is the smartest, strongest, most caring woman I know and I aspire to be as good of a parent as she is. I would not be half the person I am today without her, and it is because of her that I have an itch to travel and take advantage of amazing opportunities such as Plus3. Sending all my love from the Southern Hemisphere…Happy Mother’s Day momma!!

Tomorrow we are back to the early mornings as we are going to the Delta Tigre islands…don’t forget to check back tomorrow to read all about it!

*Picture shows the ranch house.

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