Dear Juliet

Today was a great day! We woke up early, and I got to eat another chocolate croissant. After breakfast we packed up all of our stuff and checked out of Hotel Sempione. We all loaded onto the bus, and on the way, I alternated between napping and looking out the window at the beautiful landscape. When we arrived in Verona, we checked into the hotel and were able to walk around to get some lunch. Because it was raining, we went to a small café across the street and ate some sandwiches.

Afterwards, we went on a walking tour of Verona. It started out by us walking towards a large plaza with lots of places to eat and see the old arena. Then we had the opportunity to go inside the arena. It was very old and looked as if parts were going to crumble on the outside, but when you walked in, all of the seats were still intact. It is amazing that they still use the arena for opera singing. We learned a lot about the history of the gladiators used to fight there and also the differences between the classes of people. After this, we walked to see Juliet’s balcony. I really enjoyed seeing it because I remember reading Romeo and Juliet in school and it is so amazing to have a real visual of the area that the book took place in. In Italy, it is a thing to touch a breast for good luck, so many people in the group got a picture touching Juliet’s statute’s breast. We saw where people would write on the way to send their letters to Juliet. After this we continued to walk through Verona and saw many of the key historical parts. One of the really interesting things we saw was a tomb where one of their great rulers was buried. It was a scandal because he died very young, and people think that he was poisoned. Another cool place we went to was a castle like structure with a nice bridge overlooking the river. It was so fun to look around and take pictures of Verona.

After the walking tour, I went out and did a little shopping and exploring with Ellie and Catherine. We had a good pastry and tried the take out pasta restaurant. It was the best take out I have ever had. I got noodles with pesto and cheese, and it tasted so fresh that you would never know it was fast food. It’s so interesting that in Italy there is very little fast food. After we write our blogs we plan on getting some more gelato.

Overall, I found Verona to have less tourists than Milan. Things I feel like are much quieter, and I like looking at all of the cute shops. It is built by the Romana, so it is interesting how it follows a much squarer layout than Milan did. I think I will enjoy my next few days here.

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