Discovering Dublin

Sine Metu – latin for without fear, and was John Jameson’s motto which grew him such a large company today and is on the bottles.

Howth was our main destination today, a part of Dublin which is located sea side and had amazing sea food. The quaint little area had musicians and small market shop places set up, and to top it off, the weather was very sunny and warm enough for just 1 layer!!

Today, we are prompted with the question of self traveling and what we have learned of traveling so far through the length of the program.

I believe that I could have made it to Howth on my own. If i had one skill that has been consistent throughout my life, it is a sense of direction. When my parents got a little lost in buildings or cities or the woods, I knew the direction to the exits or the way home! As for traveling to Howth, I would have used Google maps, as well as asking locals, and traveled by bus and train the way we had. I have traveled solo a bit before, as well as with a group, and yes it is nerve racking, but that is what helps you focus. I believe it is a great way of enjoying life and the moments given to you.

From what I have learned between our travels so far is to be ready for anything. We had so many unexpected cancellations and delays in our travels, but through it all, we had a positive attitude! The trip has taught me important lessons. I have never had complications during travel and learning from some people around me of how to handle it and get some kind of recommendation was very rich in knowledge. The things I know about traveling is to be open to plans that do not work. Really most plans never work in my experience, which causes me to go with the flow for most self experiences. So as long as you have a go and direction, the rest will be an adventure. Live life without fear of being lost or clueless, because that is sometimes when you learn the most.

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