Empanadas with a side of Ranch

The Don Silvano is a ranch located a little over an hour from the bustling city of Buenos Aires. Today our group ventured over to the ranch for some fun activities, and delicious homemade Argentina food. Much of the food we had was freshly produced at the ranch, and was cooking in traditional ways. The aesthetic of the entire ranch took you back in time (except for the wifi), to the time when the argentine gauchos ruled over the rural areas of Argentina. As well as taking you back in time, the ranch was a nice change in pace, and you were able to relax and take your time walking the grounds of the area.

When we arrived at the ranch we were happily greeted by one of the gauchos who led us to a small pavilion where we immediately were given fresh empanadas. These empanadas were most definitely the best empanadas I have eaten during this entire trip. They were a combination of soft, crunchy dough, with an extremely juicy center filled with beef and peppers. After eating this, I knew I was in for a treat when lunch came around. After eating the empanadas, our group was given the opportunity to ride in an authentic horse buggy. The 15 minute ride gave a quick tour of the ranch, and gave us the opportunity to scale the vastness of the ranch. Although, the ride was not the smoothest, it was interesting to ride around in a carriage through some of the open fields of the ranch. As well as being able to ride in the horse buggy, our group got a tour of the hotel that is ran at the ranch. The ranch’s main house has been converted into a fully functional hotel, and one of the horse stables was also converted into rooms for the hotel. In total the ranch can hold up to 25 occupants, and provides them with a great experience. Everything within the hotel areas have a vibe that takes you back in time, and many of the decorations are tools that they used to use on the ranch back before it had a hotel purpose.

Later in the day, after walking around some of the grounds of the ranch and seeing all the livestock, the dining hall bell was rang, and we went to lunch. During lunch we had a wonderful time watching many traditional Argentine dances that were accompanied by a few guitar players. My favorite dance to watch was by far the tango. As well as watching dances, the singer at the ranch had a beautiful voice and was even able to sing in other languages. If the singer was from the United States, I would not have been surprised to see him perform on the Voice, or become a famous singer. His voice was truly amazing, and I was extremely impressed. Although, the food that was naturally grown on the ranch was delicious, I think my favorite part of the meal was listening to the man sing. As he sang his songs, we ate non-gmo Asado and juicy chicken. All the food was cooked behind the dining hall in a traditional cooking-pit, and everything held in its juices and melted within your mouth.

The last events of the day was watching some of the gauchos play traditional games on top of their horses. Some of these games were just horses races, and others took a little more skill because they were trying to capture a ring on a stick while riding the horse at full speed. After the gauchos horse games, we were finally able to try some traditional matte and doughy desserts. As a tea drinker, the matte was very delicious in my opinion, but other people may speak differently of the taste. After finishing up our drinks and desserts, were hopped back on the bus to Buenos Aires.

Overall, the group had a wonderful day at the Don Silvano ranch, but the day truly goes out to all the mothers out there. We are truly blessed to be on this trip in Argentina, but it has only been possible because of our mothers. To my mother: I wish you a happy mothers day, and I can’t wait to get home and give you a hug and kiss – Love Milo…

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