Howth did I get here?

Today we traveled to Howth for the afternoon and spent a couple of relaxing hours walking around, enjoying the scenic views and getting a delicious fresh seafood meal. In order to get to Howth we had to take a bus, walk and take a train. 

I believe that I would’ve been able to navigate to Howth on my own. I don’t think it would’ve been necessarily easy, but very manageable with the use of certain tools and strategies of mine. The first strategy I would use is keeping attention to detail. I am fairly used to riding public transportation, having to listen for announcements, and making sure to catch the right train/bus. The second strategy I would use is time management. Not only should I be on time, but it doesn’t hurt to have a cushion to account for any unexpected problems. For example, today a couple of us were having difficulty with our bus cards. Had we been rushing and tight on timing, that inconvenience could cause us to miss our train.

 A tool of mine that I would use is my good sense of direction. I have always been able to figure which direction I’ve been and backtrack if need be. I believe this is helpful for when I may not have phone service or a map and need to backtrack to a more familiar location. For example, today I didn’t need to look up how to get back to the train, I trusted my instinct and knew where to return. I would also use tools such as my phone for google maps, communication and to clarify/search for anything. Despite my confidence in being able to successfully navigate the area, I would still feel a bit nervous. Especially being in an unfamiliar area, it is very easy to feel lost, confused and start to worry.

In the event of uncertainty, I would try my best to keep a calm approach and stay collected. I believe the worst thing I could do in that scenario would be to stress and not be able to think clearly. I would address what needs to be done and go about it with certainty. If possible, making backup plans would be ideal when preparing for potential bumps. If you have a backup means of transportation, method of communication, etc. It will be much easier to stay calm in a hectic scenario. 

I can think of no better example of “unexpected bumps in the road” than our plus3 experience thus far. Despite the major inconveniences we have had, I believe I have gained knowledge that I can take with me for any future travels. One of the most important takeaways is that sometimes events are out of our control. Traveling to Dublin, we did everything right as a group. There was no poor planning or poor execution by us, yet we had to deal with a canceled flight and 3 days in an unexpected city. Sometimes you need to go with the flow and make the best of a situation… it may even work out for the better.

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