Lineappelle, Leather, and Libraries

We started our first Friday with a visit to Lineappelle Leather. We learned about the complexities of the this branch of the industry and also Lineappelle’s influence in this particular industry across the world. They host leather showcases in major cities across the world, including Milan and New York. Our guide showed us at least fifty different kinds of leather and allowed us to have a bit of a show and tell to understand the basic differences between leathers that come from various species. Ostrich, tilapia, crocodile, kangaroo, and salmon were among the most interesting–and unusual. Our guide also shared with us Lineapplle’s sustainability practices. Part of their mission is making sure to only use the hides of animals that are destined for the food industry, instead of simply being bred for their skin.

After our stop at the leather center we headed to the Milanese Fashion Library. Here they house and huge collection of magazines, look books, and catwalk archives dating back to the 18th century. The library itself even has 12 in house magazines they publish themselves. They also have every copy of American, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French, and Japanese Vogues. A truly grand collection. Another aspect of the library I found super interesting was that the library hosts a slew of events and dinners relating to fashion weeks in the Milanese-styled house in which they are located. The home-y living space is furnished solely in products of brands they associate with and the entire space can be transformed to accommodate a company’s particular events. It was really amazing to witness!

Our third and final activity of the day was a guest lecturer from the Digital Marketing department of the Velasca shoe company. She spoke about her role in the company and what it means to target a particular audience, as well as elaborating on the importance of striking a balance between quality, luxury, and price.

Tomorrow we leave for Verona and I can hardly wait! Ciao Milano!

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