Making my way around Dublin

Today, our group took a trip to Howth, which is a small fishing town. We got lunch there, looked around the market, and explored around the area for a bit. It had beautiful views of the sea and we even spotted a few seals. There’s also a mountain hike trail there that we didn’t have time to do today. Just like Galway, I would definitely consider going back again in the future and spending more time there.

We traveled to Howth as a group, led by our advisors by riding the public transportation bus and the Dart train. I think I would have been able to travel to Howth by myself if I had planned accordingly ahead of time. I would have researched the multiple transportation options to get there and time departures to be prepared. Navigating on my own would make me a little nervous because I would not have anyone to rely on and I usually prefer traveling in a group, but I think I would be able to make it there safely if I planned accordingly.

After the multiple traveling mishaps we have experienced on this trip so far, I realize I would have to be prepared for potential bumps in the road especially if I was traveling alone. Possible mishaps could include taking the wrong bus, getting off at the wrong stop, or just being lost all together. If any of these were to occur, I know I could use my phone to use google maps for directions or google to search other possible transportation options to get to my destination.

Overall, this trip so far has made me realize that traveling will not always go perfectly as planned. After a 3 day flight delay, our study abroad group had to adapt to changing our itinerary and make the most out of all of time in both Charlotte and Dublin. Being able to adapt to change will make the difference in saving your trip. I hope to take these lessons I’ve learned with me as I travel in the future.

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