This week is DARTing by

Being that I have never been in a foreign country, I did not know if I would have a hard time navigating the city and if I would have to rely on others to do so. I was unsure about navigation signage and if specific buildings would stand out in making the process of navigating easy. So far, navigating has been extremely easy as I have used the River Liffey as the North Star to get where I need to be.

This morning we went traveled as a group to the town of Howth which included a 30 minute bus ride and a 30 minute DART ride. I believe that I could have navigated this on my own with a little bit of research and using my phone’s “Maps” app to tell me where to be and when. I think breaking into smaller group to go to the town would have been more efficient because by the time we arrived and all got a bite to eat, it was time to go. Smaller groups and no return time would have been efficient in making sure that we were able to experience the town as much as possible. Navigation Dublin alone would make me a bit nervous, but I think I would be fine in doing so. In Pittsburgh, I often ride the public buses and the “T” alone to get to where I need to be and so I would use the skills I’ve developed there to get where I need to be here.

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