Argentina has Islands??

Today was both an early and a long day, but we were able to see a whole new area of Buenos Aires. We took an hour bus to El Tigre then a 45-minute boat ride to a primary care center for the people who live in the area. The cool part is that El Tigre is a bunch of islands, so everyone living in El Tigre takes boats to and from and has a dock off of their property into the water. In Tigre specifically, the primary care system is very present and very important. Also, since the Tigre Municipality has many resources and lots of money, the primary care centers here are held at high standards. I think Tigre has been able to do this because of how the municipality is laid out in terms of geography. Since Tigre is all islands and not every family on the islands owns a boat, it would be hard to take someone to the hospital on the mainland, especially if it is just a minor issue that could be resolved at a primary care center. Because of this, those in Tigre value the primary care centers and therefore prioritize them for the best of those living on the islands. The benefits of prioritizing the primary care centers include less people traveling from the Tigre islands to the hospitals, which spends an excess amount of money in gas and time for the patient as well as crowds the hospitals. With the primary care centers, resources are better used and much more efficient for the sake of everyone on the island. Also, with more focus on primary care centers, more people can go in and out and may feel more comfortable going to a local primary care center for an issue than a public hospital, where they may have to wait for a long time and possibly lose trust in the hospitals and not want to go anymore, which could cause their issues to become worse.

Primary Care Center in El Tigre

            After El Tigre islands, we took a boat back to the mainland. We ate lunch at the Tigre Boat Club, which I’m not quite sure how we managed to do since signs everywhere said, “members only,” but it was delicious anyways! We then walked around an outdoor market, but mostly everything was closed because it was siesta time. The more time I spend here experiencing siesta time, the more I wish we did them at home! Our last stop for the day was at a public hospital that focused on women and babies. We got to look into the NICU and see the little babies. They were so small but so cute. This hospital was our first public hospital, so it was nice to see a comparison to the private hospital of Austral that we saw last week. Finally, the weather today was sunny and 70, and I cannot be more excited that we are going home to summer(ish) weather and not fall weather like it is here!

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