Coffee and Cajuelas

In a country that has seen substantial growth in in the areas of technology and tourism, we need to remember the profound impact of the coffee industry in Costa Rica’s economy. The root of all of the benefits about Costa Rica’s coffee trade is the stimulation of the economy. International and domestic coffee trade has brought massive amounts of revenue to the country, which in turn has led to the increase in tourism and foreign investment. It has led to many employment opportunities, both for local Ticos and for Nicaraguans during the picking season of coffee. However, a benefit that’s not as apparent right away is the passion for coffee of the Costa Rican people. They take pride in their product and will continue to put effort into growing the industry as long as international buyers are interested.

While the Costa Rican product we see in our markets at home is export quality, it may seem like the Ticos are left with the lesser quality coffee. While this may be the case in the grand scheme of things, the coffee available to the Ticos is still some of the finest product around the world and is sold locally at a fraction of the price it’s sold at in the foreign market. Some roasters, like 1820, focus on producing a good that is intended to be consumed by the local Ticos but still is of relatively high quality. Café 1820 mixes its premium beans with the lower quality one to toast together, ensuring the same quality each time it is consumed. I think this quality of coffee that the Ticos consume is of a good enough quality that it should continue to be sold in local markets at the pace it is now. While it’s not as high quality as the export-grade coffee, the Ticos seem to be just fine with paying significantly less for a similar brew.

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