Day 4: Ohh Boy, It’s Continental

We began our day with a two-hour bus ride to the medieval city of Regensburg which sits close to the Danube River. We gained a lot of knowledge on our tour such as how a statue was built into a local building to ward off rats. Yes, it worked. but I don’t recommend trying it at home. We also learned how neighbors who disliked each other would build statues of men showing of their backside and point the statue towards their neighbor to hate on one another. Again, not something I recommend.

Photo of Regensburg

Regensburg is famous for the stone bridge which crosses the Danube River built over 1000 years ago. The city also boasts the beautiful St. Peter’s Cathedral which is home to the world’s largest hanging organ. In Old Town, the wealthy would compete to build the highest tower. In medieval times, Cologne was the largest city, while Regensburg was the second largest city. As we travel, it’s interesting to see each of the different cities and compare how they have changed from a technology standpoint while still preserving their culture. During our tour, we saw many recreations of our beloved Donald trump. 

Each country has their own value system and culture. Germans are socially responsible, respectful, and value integrity and strong moral character. US President Donald Trump is the opposite of the German culture and belief system. These art creations in the shop windows display the displeasure and disapproval the Germans have of our current leader.

St. Peters Cathedral
Worlds largest hanging Organ

After touring the town, we went to explore Continental. We were given a short presentation mainly on the logistics of the company. The tour and lecture on Leadership in Innovation would follow lunch. The food in the Continental cafeteria was delicious. I feasted on Schnitzel with fries on top, a side of noodles mixed with corn, pudding, and Mezzo Mix. Everyone was positive I wouldn’t be able to finish my meal. My mom would be proud that I finished my whole plate.

The tour of the manufacturing facility blew me away. Automated robots controlled the inventory throughout the plant. They communicated seamlessly to ensure jobs were assigned, and the flow through the line was uninterrupted. Seeing this advanced technology in practice was amazing to witness in person. This is the future of manufacturing.

We then headed back to Regensburg and were given free time to do whatever we wanted. Ravi, Sahana, Michelle, Reid, and I went shopping. We lingered in the H&M and looked in a CVS style shop.  Ravi wasn’t not in agreement with my purchase of seagull shorts.

My boy Ravi and I shopping

We then met back together and had dinner in a medium sized restaurant serving a variety of food. I was very hungry, and was looking forward to chowing down with everyone. I sat next to Matthias, and we discussed the difference in our measurement systems. We attempted to compare how much weight we can lift in a gym and how tall certain things are with pounds and feet versus grams and meters. Matthias was super confused with the 3 feet to 1 yard rule. I can understand his confusion. Growing up your whole life with specific rules for measuring, then having someone say something completely different, who wouldn’t be confused?

I yet again realized how helpful it was having German speaking students with us for ordering. Matthias explained what everything on the menu was. There was dumpling, schnitzel, a variety plate and more. After I finished my plate, I continued to finish everyone’s meal. I was still hungry afterwards, but I went out to get more food when we got back, so it was fine. The portion sizes are a little bit smaller than America’s in my opinion, but over all very close.

Here are some photos of what I ate.

We got back around 10ish and we all crashed. Before I turned in for the night, I had to grab my jacket from an ice cream place we visited night before. Once I grabbed my jacket, I came home and crashed as well. Thank you!!!

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