Day 9: Lots of Design

Today was our first full day in Verona! We began with a trip to the New Academy of Design where we heard lectures about fashion and interior design. The New Academy of Design, or NAD, allows students to specialize their studies. The students there are a variety of ages: some come straight after high school and others pursued different studies before attending NAD. At NAD, there are two schools for students to focus in on their studies, similar to business and engineering schools at Pitt. There is the architecture school where students can specialize in various types of interior design and a literature school where students can focus in on various types of fashion design, which I thought was interesting.  

My favorite part of the presentation was learning about interior design. Ever since I was little I have loved homes and interior design, and it is definitely something I’m interested in pursuing. At NAD, they showed us an example of a student’s interior design project. The assignment was to create a store with the theme of a “Zen garden,” and the design was so neat. I loved getting to see the connection between interior design and store fronts or retail because it ties together my business major and my love for creativity and is definitely something I would love to do.

We also saw a few examples of student entries in an international interior design competition. The competition is for both professionals and students from around the world, so I found it to be pretty amazing that in the past all the students from NAD who entered landed in the top 50. This year the competition was to create a hotel room for a location in Germany. Both of the entries were saw were really cool, and I liked how differently each of the students’ designs turned out.

The last thing we did at NAD was listen to a bit about the fashion design program. Then three current first-year fashion design students came in to show us their designs for a project. While they all had the same assignment, it was interesting to see how unique each of their designs were from one another. They brought in their physical designs in on mannequins as well, so I was very impressed by their abilities to create the tangible product as well as design it.

After our visit at NAD, we took a trip to the Adigeo Shopping Center for lunch. A group and I got a quick bite to eat and reserved the rest of our time there for shopping! I love getting to shop here and see all the different Italian stores, not only because it is cool to see new products not available at home, but also because the shopping is just so much better here than it is in Pittsburgh!

Once our trip to the mall came to a close, we headed over to Mero and More, which is one of many members of an Italian fashion consortium. At Mero and More, they consult independent designers who are just starting out. Mero and More provides a space for them to get the assistance they may need and produce their products at an affordable cost. The inside is filled with work spaces and tons and tons of rolls of fabric. There is also a space for fashion photoshoots as well as a café.

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Seeing all the New Academy of Design as well as Mero and More definitely inspired me to want to create some designs of my own today, so I’m looking forward to making some sketches to pass the time at the airport on Saturday!

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  1. Carol Sandford says:

    How wonderful for you to have so much design exposure! Your creative brain must be singing!!

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