Travel day two trip to Gyeongju: May 11th

The journey across South Korea is not as bad as you think. Today marked our first travel day outside of the city of Seoul. The group got up, ate breakfast, and boarded the bus at around nine o’clock. Once everyone was on the bus, we were on our way. The trip was set to take six hours in total including rest stops and driving. What that meant to me was the perfect time for sleeping and writing my blogs. The first half of the trip was mostly comprised of sleeping. This was absolutely needed due to the sheer exhaustion of the past several days. The time went by, and I had slept for two straight hours. Then we stopped at one of the rest areas for a quick snack and a restroom break. I bought two Krispy Kreme donuts and water. Compared to America, Korean rest stops were much bigger in size and offered a greater variety of food options for travelers. 

After I had finished my meal, I was back on the bus. The second half of the trip was comprised of me typing my blogs. I’m not going to lie, typing on a bus is quite the challenge. Nevertheless, I got the job done and when I finished the bus driver stopped for the second time. During the second stop, we ate lunch. I decided to order a Korean sushi. This was very different from Japanese sushi being that it did not need soy sauce and the size of the sushi was much bigger. When we were all finished, we got back on the bus and finished the driving. In about an hour we were in the city of Gyeongju. This was originally the site of the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom. Tomorrow we will be visiting this site, and I will include this in my next post.

To end the night, we decided to go to a local water park. Unfortunately, the water park was not open, and we then decided to go sightseeing around the local pond and resort area. The sights were absolutely gorgeous. My personal favorite was the pond area with the mountains in the background.

Later on, the sun finally went down, and we all agreed to end with some ice cream. Then we returned to the hotel and went to bed for the night.

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