Day 10: Gone Gondola!

Hey everyone!

Today was the day I’ve been most excited for… Venice! We woke up and took a train to the famous lagoon islands. Like most of this trip, the bad weather followed us. The Venetians call this “bora“, but I know it’s really just the Pittsburgh curse. It was cold and windy but the miserable weather couldn’t ruin our time.

When we first got to Venice we immediately got our first canal experience. We rode a water taxi to the gondola boat. Water taxis are definitely way better than regular taxis, and a tad more wet. We had our first glimpse of the Grand Canal and the place lived up to all of my expectations and more. As if Italy weren’t beautiful enough with its old and colorful buildings, adding water and grand stone bridges made it even more unbelievable. We then rode gondela boats around the canals to see even more of the city. They’re world famous for a reason and the pictures I’ve attached for you guys are just a glimpse of how incredible it was.

After the boat ride we toured the city and learned about the history of Venice. Venice has a long history, and interestingly enough it’s always been a Republic. The republic was a court of elected officials lead by a lord who once elected served a life term. It was a system that worked for hundreds of years. This Lord lived in the Doge’s Palace in the center of Venice. These structures were huge and to think of how difficult it would be to build this in the time period and then given the additional difficulty of transporting these materials across canals is astounding. The Venetians were truly talented people.

Besides their great architectural feats, the Venetians were master traders. They built their city and wealth on trade. Venetian traders are world famous, one of the most notable being Marco Polo, who made his wealth on the silk trade. As time went on, they continued to build their city from the water up. This was a difficult task, but rewarding as we see today how beautiful it is despite its many difficulties.

After our tour we had time to explore on our way. We were given the advice to go out and get lost.. which of course we did. It started to get warmer through the day and there were even peaks of the sun. It was an amazing day, and I’m going to be really sad when I leave Italy. I never want to leave this beautiful country. Only a few more days left of the trip, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

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