Design in Verona

Hello! Our group met bright and early again this morning in the lobby of our new hotel. I had just gotten to be familiar with the breakfast staff at the last hotel. During our last breakfast yesterday in the hotel in Milan, I ordered my daily cappuccino, and the man who makes them finished my sentence! He had memorized our coffee orders which made me smile. Today we visited the New Academy of Art and Design in Verona. We had a lecture discussing the different programs offered, reaching from interior design to literature with a focus on fashion. The students of the school are mostly Italian and vary in age since the school is technically not the typical American undergraduate university. Some people enroll right out of high school and some students have had other professions first. The “majors” offered are two-year programs which they call specializations.

Next, two current students presented their projects for an upcoming competition. They both designed a hotel room for the competition, following a prompt. The designs were very creative and well thought out. Then, we were shown a final project of a student who designed an entire store interior. Lastly, other students presented fashion garments to us from the sketches to the physical garments. The designs were inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and they were my favorite that were presented to us this morning! I did similar projects in a high school club where we would design and create garments for a prompt, so I could really appreciate the time and energy that goes into creating pieces like those.

For lunch we stopped at a local mall which looked like a normal American mall. Lunch was a crazy experience; a few of us ate at a sushi restaurant where they served unlimited sushi on a conveyer belt and we ordered in SPANISH and they had English music playing. It was a crazy culture clash. Afterwards, we visited Mero & More. This company is part of a fashion consortium and is one of forty. They consult with independent designers where they help them produce their startup lines for an affordable price. There are other services such as photoshoots. The building itself was pretty cool because there was a café attached and the walls were full of fabric. I am looking forward to exploring Verona tonight, eating, and hanging out with my friends!

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