“Imposter Syndrome”

On our site visit today with Workday. It is an ERP system for finance, human resources, and planning. We heard one of the workers mention imposter syndrome, which we also heard one of the workers at Google mention. The imposter syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt themselves and their accomplishments, sometimes feeling like a fraud. Self-doubt is a common human experience, and can be especially felt in school or in the work place.

There has been times where I too have experienced imposter syndrome. I would say I felt this way a little after transferring to Pitt, especially transferring into the business school. Being surrounded by smart and talented people my age left me wondering how I managed to get into the program. To overcome this feeling, I wanted Pitt to feel more like home. I joined a few clubs and organizations to meet more people and I communicated with people in my classes so we could work together on homework and studying. Knowing other people were in the same boat as me and felt the same way lessened my feelings of self doubt.

If I were to ever hear a classmate or colleague tell me he/she is experiencing imposter syndrome, I would try to help them through it. I would help that person feel more at place wherever it is and let them know everyone is in it the same boat. I would tell them of the times I have experienced it and let them know it gets easier. Imposter syndrome can be frustrating, especially starting at a new place, but it gets easier the more time you spend at that place and get to know the people around you.

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