Lets Go To The Beach

Today we were able to tour another part of the Hyundai Groups, the Hyundai Motor Company. We were at the Ulsan plant which is the largest out of all the Hyundai Motors and was the first one created. We went into a presentation room and had a Hyundai tour guide talk about this specific plant. It is 5 million square meters and produces about 1.4 million cars annually. The numbers are massive and really impressive and they utilize a normal assembly line to produce all their cars. There are five independent factories in the plant who each specializes in specific cars. For example, one plant makes the smaller sedans, while another makes the SUVs and another makes their luxury brand, Genesis. We were able to walk through factory three which created their sedans. It is a massive factory that has all the steps for a complete assembly of the car. It goes from just the framework of the car to adding the electrical wires and motors, to attaching the doors and body of the car. We had a fifteen minute tour of the factory and got to see these cars go from a basic frame to a full car. The efficiency and design of these assemblies I think are so smart and every step is thought through to make it the best.

Genesis G90

Afterwards we hopped back onto the bus and toured the rest of the factory. We went to the port that is located on their plant which is used for export of their cars. The ships are massive and can hold about 6,000 of the smaller sedans and each ship is about six floors. The floors are movable for ease of filling and each ship takes about 20 hours to load depending on the cars. The number one export is the United States and the interesting thing is you could tell if the cars were going domestic or international depending on the color. This goes back to collectivism or individualism and since Korea emphasizes collectivism most of their cars are white or black.

Once the tour was done it was time to head to Busan where we had the rest of the day to our self. Once we got to Busan the bus dropped us off at the Haeundae beach which is the most popular one in Korea. We had two hours to our self where we grabbed some lunch. We then went to our hotel using the bus and once we got settle a small group of us headed to the Songdo beach, a smaller beach but one that was closer to us. We got to swim for a little but not much though because it was pretty chilly.

Songdo Beach

After being there for like 3 hours we headed back to the hotel. It ended up being a quieter night and we grab Korean chicken for dinner and then relaxed in our rooms for the rest of the night.

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