Shanghai Shinanigins

Last night and today were amazing! Last night we got to experience Shanghai from the third story of a river cruise. We got to see the contrast between old Shanghai and new Shanghai, each on opposing sides of the river, as well as the awe of the lights and building screens. We also had the closest thing to American food we’ve had since we’ve got here, pizza, for dinner. While it wasn’t quite classic New York style it was no less delicious!

This morning we got to go to another university and listen to a lecture on the arbitration and litigation of business in China, as well as the difficulties and legalities of starting a business in Shanghai. We then had lunch with some university students, an interesting experience. This lunch was closer to Pitt’s market central than the other university, still by far superior though. The dinning hall ran out of what I had ordered, ramen noodles with beef and potatoes, so I got a delicious beef pad tai instead. Due to this logistical issue Lilliana and I were the last to join the rest of the Pitt group. However, due to the open seats at our table we got the pleasure of dining with the leader of the lecture that would follow lunch (an American who brought his family to China to study Chinese). Following the lecture we played an interesting game of hot potato where if you lost you got to go up and perform for the rest of the group. 

From the university we went to the museum where we saw a scale model of Shanghai and played some of the interactive games on being environmentally friendly. We then had a quick dinner at a restaurant near the hotel (traditional Cantonese food) before the variety show. The dinner’s taste resembled that of American Chinese food. We learned that this is because those in this reason of china were amount the first Chinese immigrants to the US. The variety show started the moment we got off the bus when Matt convinced me to start doing some magic. What made it for me was when several random people thought I was a street performer and joined the crowd! The variety show was amazing!! The show started with acrobatics and moved through a variety of dances, Chinese yoyo masters, comedy, a magician, and much more! Originally I wasn’t planning on going but decided to in order to avoid being the only one staying behind. Going to this show was one of the best decisions I made on this trip so far! Matt and Jake took the cake when they got pulled up on stage to participate in a comedy routine. Matt fit right in, joking with the clown and being his usual energetic and universally friendly self, all while waving to the other performers who were hiding behind the curtain. Little did Matt know we were all in on it to try to get him on stage! Tonight was awesome and I can’t wait for more exploring and adventures tomorrow!

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