Taco Tuesday? More like Tango Tuesday

Today was a later morning. We were on the bus back to Tigre at 9 am, but this time to a community center that is focused on helping mothers learn how to take care of their children, as well as help feed those children that are underweight. When we arrived, we weren’t fully sure what to expect since we were going to be volunteering our time to help them. However, when we got there, there were two little boys already playing in the yard. One had so much energy and kept talking, however it was all Spanish so none of us really had any idea what he was saying. He kept coming back and forth to the group, showing us his cars and bringing some of us leaves or sticks he found as a present. On the outside, the building looked small and when we entered, it was still small but there were so many moms and kids inside. All of them were poor, as well as the area around the center, when we learned yesterday that Tigre was one of the wealthier municipals. There will always be differences in neighborhoods and municipals regarding poverty and wealth, but it is very distinct here with those having huge yachts and homes with those barely able to feed their children surrounding them. I also think this level of difference in this area is a bad amount of difference with two distinct groups as opposed to a gradual type line of wealth going down. Globalization can be a cause of this problem because those who have the money to buy new things can and those who don’t have the money can’t. This results in the gap between the wealthy and those in poverty to increase with the wealthy leaving those in poverty further in the dust. However, globalization can decrease the inequality because the centers that help the poor can be updated to better take care of those who come to it.

            At the center, we volunteered by doing different jobs including cooking, cleaning and playing with the kids. I got to play with the kids. There were about eight kids ranging in age from about ten months old to about six. With about six of us from the group and the kids, there still wasn’t enough of us to go around, and all the kids were super excited to play with us, causing them to have lots of energy. They were a lot of us and really brightened my day. 

Once we left, we went to lunch at a restaurant we went to last week then onto our tango lessons! This was so much fun. We got there early, so we were able to watch real tango dancers practice for their show and all I have to say is wow! They were amazing, and it was so cool to see tango done by people who really know how to do it. Then it was our turn. Let’s just say we were not as smooth as they were. We learned three different dance moves and spent time going around the dance floor practicing. It was hard at first, but then we got the hang of it and couldn’t stop laughing. After our lessons, we watched our two instructors do three short tango dances, which only further emphasized our points that none of us could do that. But with all that said—and none of us tango dancers—it was a lot of fun! Hasta Luego!

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