A Splash of Color

                Today was another interesting but long day. We started the day off a little later than normal at 9:30 with a walk to the downtown Austral campus. There, we received a lecture on innovation from Ezequiel Banga, one of the cofounders of a company called Codika solutions. I found this guest lecture particularly interesting in how Ezequiel views innovation. He talked about the necessary steps to achieve innovation through scientific progress, technical progress, social change, and then finally economical change. I was most interested in his discussion on the value of innovation. When a person has an idea as to how to innovate, their idea’s value is 100% potential and 0% real. However, as a product is developed, value can be more indirectly created. Then when a business is finally formed, value becomes completely real through customer feedback. This mindset helped me to think about how important it is to actually test ideas for innovation.

                After our guest lecture, we went to lunch at an Italian restaurant. Then, we took a bus to the Boca area and had a hop on/hop off style tour to look at the colorful buildings and amazing street art. We also had some time to shop around the street markets and tourist stores in the Boca area. Let’s just say I may be coming home with quite a few souvenirs and gifts.

                It was interesting to see how our two main activities of the day generally clashed with each other. Our guest lecture was all about innovation and how we can change things for the better while our walking tour was about tradition and culture. I believe that both innovation and tradition are crucial to society. Therefore, we need to see important societal traditions stay consistent throughout our current period of major innovation. By doing this, I think its important to acknowledge what traditions are most important and most realistic to maintain. Many old traditions will not be able to work in today’s society run by technology. However, traditions that are crucial to a group’s culture should be maintained through constant practice of that tradition. Traditions that aren’t practiced and passed down by generation will die out. It’s important that we pass on traditions so that not only do future generations understand them but they also understand their value. Ezekial’s views on value of innovation also apply to the value of tradition. If the tradition is just an idea, it has 0% real value. It is through implementation that traditions will be able to live on through times of innovation. Through what we saw in Boca today, the region has been very successful in maintaining their traditions and culture throughout heavy times of innovation. While the area has definitely faced innovation and caters to tourists, they still maintain their basic values and traditions. This value of tradition is displayed in the artwork and architecture throughout the region. We saw many reminders of tango, soccer, and Argentina’s rich history in the street art and market area. Through this artwork, I would say that Boca has been successful in maintaining their traditions throughout times of innovation.

                Tomorrow is our last hospital visit and trip to the Evita museum. I can’t wait!

Highlight of the Day: Seeing the colorful buildings of La Boca

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