Hyundai and Heading to Busan

On Tuesday, we had our last company visit in Ulsan and headed to Busan for our final leg of the trip. The day started with us heading to the Hyundai Motor Company. When we got there, we were given a brief presentation of Hyundai Motor and the three name brands of their cars, with them being Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis. Far and away the most cars for Hyundai are produced in Korea than anywhere else in the world, with 1.4 million per year being produced in the Ulsan factory. After we were done with the presentation we got to see a few of the model cars and go inside some of them. Once we were done with that we went on a tour of one of the production plants and the entire property. It was fascinating to watch the cars being made as we walked around the production plant. You could see all the different stages of the car being made. I was a little surprised by how much of the work is done by humans compared to just machinery but there was still a ton of machinery. We learned that it takes around 30 hours for a car to be made, with 10 of those hours being spend on the painting of the car. After walking through the factory we rode the bus around the property and saw the outside of other plants and all the cars they had ready to ship out. They ran the shipping so precisely that they were able to fit as many cars on each ship as possible. We also learned that they have restaurants there that provide free meals to the employees as well as a hospital for the employees.

Once we were done with Hyundai, we drove down to Busan. Before getting to our hotel we stopped outside a beach and were able to explore the area and get food. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go in water at that time but it was amazing to look at. I am excited for the final stop of our trip in Busan.

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