La Boca

This morning started out in business casual at the downtown Austral campus. There we had a guest speaker who is a software engineer here in Argentina and developed his own business. He talked to us about what innovation is and why he thinks that it is important. He also talked to us about his success and failures in his journey so far and the changes that they made to their models in order to have the products ultimately do better in the markets.

Later in the day we went on a tour of Boca which is a famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires. There is a heavy influence of the tango culture in the area that could easily be seen while walking around. There was a huge tango mural on the wall along with a soccer mural and a couple of other themes. There were many markets and stores, and lots of the paintings and pictures available had tango dancers in them. There was even a spot where you could pay to dress up in tango dancing clothes and take a picture in the clothes with a tango dancer.

Maintaining tradition in the face of innovation and progress can be difficult, but very possible. As new ideas come up and society begins to change as time goes on, traditions have to be passed down from one generation to another. If it is kept lively in every period it makes it much harder to erase the tradition, and it becomes more of a staple. Most of the time new generations like to add their own twist to traditions so that it feels more relevant to things that are popular during their time. La Boca has been very successful maintaining the tango tradition as you can clearly see just from being in the neighborhood. They have not only maintained the traditional tango but it has been adapted over time to keep up with innovation and progress, and also just changes in style. There are now different types of tango music such as traditional, modern, rock influenced, and reggaton influenced. They are able to remain so successful in keeping their tango influence by broadening it to have more categories to fit even more people’s interests.

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