Only 3 days left in South Korea

Today was just company visits throughout Busan. The first was Trainor which is a company that does educational seminars for electric safety. We met with a manager of the company, Henrik Eklund. His company originates in Norway, but they now hold an office in Korea because of their proven high quality education as well as their understanding of the field. An interesting point they brought up about the Korean market is their taste for quality while there is some tendency for shortcuts to speed up the manufacturing process. This service is needed to help curb that tendency as well as provide basic safety education. They teach specific classes for certification through IECEx to prove employee’s ability in certain devices.

Trainor headquarters in Busan, South Korea

The next company was Busan New Container Terminal. They work as a shipping container port to allow for imports and exports in Busan. It was founded in 2012 and now is currently the 6th largest port of its kind in the world. They are able to move approximately 2.35 million TEUs or twenty foot equvalent units every year. This number is even more impressive when all of Busan moves 22.5 million TEUs every year. What sets this port apart from most is how it is organized. A majority of the port is completely autonomous with robots moving the containers to and from the ships. The only human interventions are the trucks that move the containers from the port and the machines that move the containers from storage to the ship. The autonomous systems allow for high accuracy and few human errors such as damaging the containers. An interesting fact about the plant is how all of the land it currently rests on is not naturally part of Busan’s coastline. It is entirely artificially made by bringing infill from the middle of the ocean to fill in the area. They’re even expanding by filling in more land to increase their TEU per year by 700,000.

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