To our last destination: Busan

Today began at 8:30 roughly. I went to breakfast and did all that I needed to in order to get ready for the day. Our first visit was to Hyundai Motor Company. This was in Ulsan and was yet another interesting tour. It began very similarly to the Hyundai Heavy Industries visit. We watched a short video about the types of cars that Hyundai creates and then we got to sit on some of the cars that Hyundai offers. I saw in two different Hyundai cars. One was a large SUV and the other was a smaller car fitting five people at most. Both were very nice on the inside and offered many neat features. After sitting in the cars, we then went on another bus tour. There are five factories to the Ulsan Hyundai plant, we visited one of the factories that created the smaller cars and then we went to visit the shipping dock. Upon entering the bus, we were handed Bluetooth receivers to hear the speaker at the front of the bus. We continued to use these in the factory visit also. It was cool to see all the cars being put together even if it was only two models. There is a point in which the doors are put on for painting and then they are taken off again so that the workers can easily get into the vehicle to put the finishing touches on it. I also learned that the painting process takes the longest part of creating the car (being 10 hours). It was also stated that a car is finished every 10 seconds in the factory which is extremely impressive.

We then went to the shipping dock and were able to see the drivers driving the cars into the boat that will be shipped to the receiving country. The shipping car lot is sorted by what country the car is going to. The factory was also sorted in a similar manner because the workers need to know which position the steering wheel needs to go in. But the shipping dock had many drivers going into the ship and then the drivers are taken back to the lot via a large truck.

After this visit, we had gone to visit the beach and eat lunch. The lunch my friends and I got were at a Chinese restaurant. We didn’t realize it was a Chinese restaurant until after we finished eating, but nevertheless it was a good meal.

We then checked into the hotel and after a short while had gone to a different beach, this time we were not wearing out business casual attire but rather swimsuits. We went in the water for a little bit and had quickly realized that the water was very cold. That didn’t stop us from having fun though. We stayed at the beach for about an hour and a half and then left for dinner. We had gone to subway for dinner where I got a 30 cm subway melt. It was just as it is in the states which was also a good palate cleanser. Then I went to the hotel and fell asleep almost immediately which was around 9:30 at night.

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