To Ulsan!

Today we checked out of the hotel at Gyeongju and went to travel to Ulsan. At Ulsan we are to see Jinsan Marine Management and Hyundai Heavy Industries (the portion of Hyundai that builds ships). We checked out at 7 and made our way to Jinsan. We arrived at roughly 9:30. At Jinsan, we were put in a relatively small room for 24 people, but it worked out in the end. The CEO of Jinsan sat down and talked to us for about an hour or so and then we took a tour of the facilities. Jinsan is basically a storing service that takes products from one spot, stores it in their warehouses for as long as necessary, and then ship it out when the company their shipping to desired.

After this we had gone to lunch which was good, but Korean food is definitely becoming very similar. When I get home the first thing I’m going to have is a large steak and then a pizza pie from my favorite pizza place. Then probably some Wawa on the third day.

We then went to Hyundai Heavy Industries. This tour was fascinating. It at first a small history lesson about Hyundai and it’s founder, then it progressed to a bus tour where were driven around the island that Hyundai Heavy Industries inhabits and got to see all the ships that they’ve built or are building. Some of these ships were huge, so large that I couldn’t see the tops of them from the bus windows. Sadly, pictures were not allowed during the entire tour so I don’t have any to show on this blog post.

After this tour we arrived at the Staz hotel in Ulsan. It was about dinner time by the time I finished my nap, so a small group of three and I had gone to McDonald’s to get a burger. It was a fairly good change of pace. I got a mega mac, one if those tiny apple pie things, a milkshake, and a large fry. I ate it all which was surprising because this had been the first time I have been to a McDonald’s in years and the last time I ate it, the food hurt my stomach. After this, we met up with some other friends and walked back to the hotel. I was fairly thirsty so me and another went to get a water. My water is roughly 2L and it only cost the equivalent of a dollar. I was without a doubt getting that water at that price. After this I had gone to bed fairly early (being around 10 PM).

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